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Exclusive services

We offer individual, tailor-made e-learning consulting, coaching and production. From Consulting and Training on how to build up your own studio and produce your own E-Learning with your team up to all-in one solutions from our side where we take care of everything for you. 

Get in touch and let's see what fits you and your budget best.

Content/ Script


Get your content ready

The first step is to get your content ready for shooting. Writing a good E-Learning Script sounds easier as it is. Therefore we are offering you several possibilities on how you can approach the creation of your courses. From individual coaching to developing your team to become online training designers or even up to your own individual framework which you can use over and over again to create compelling courses. 

Individual coaching

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We adapt the existing content framework to your individual needs so that you can use it easily and quickly in the future and more importantly get your speakers and experts on board easily.

Training Design Kurs

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Develop yourself and/or your team into online training designers with the Webinar-Guru framework for e-learning, webinars, online courses and online training

Webinar Guru Framework

4 x 1.5 hour virtual workshop and Q&A session over a period of 3-4 weeks

Skript Qualitäts Check 


You've finished your content and want to spice it up a bit. Our quality check gives you ideas and suggestions on how to make your scripts more instructive and prompt. We make sure there is no duplicate content and your sentences are light and digestible. 

Individual Design Framework


We adapt the existing content framework to your individual needs so that you can use it easily and quickly in the future and, above all, easily get your speakers and experts on board.


Get ready for shooting
While working on your content you should already think about everything that needs to be organized for the shooting. We can offer you our film team (Art Director, Producer, Technical Assistants Light & Sound, Styling, etc.) or we can train your team on what it needs to produce E-Learnings by yourself. However you decide there are some things which we should focus on before the day of the shooting

All-In-One Video Production


Once you have your content ready, we can take care of everything else for you if you choose our all-in-one package. Either you already have a speaker or we will provide you with the right speaker for your course/training. From the shooting planning, the set, the styling to the finished video including music, inserts, subtitles. You name it - we do the job!

Director / Art Direction 


Our art director manages the entire shoot and is responsible for the shoot and production. He ensures that everything goes according to plan, that all scenes are shot in top quality and that the schedule is adhered to. He is your main contact.

Setdesign / Locations / Styling


Creating an amazing movie set sounds easier than it is. We offer you simple but effective ideas in available locations, shopping lists with all the necessary items, your own customized set or even a mobile set that you can use in different locations and easily switch. We also provide professional make-up and styling on site.


Speaker:innen Coaching


We train your internal speakers in handling the camera. This is especially important if you want to put your own experts in the spotlight within the company. The coaching includes things like the right dress code, behavior, way of speaking etc.

Speaker:innen Vermittlung


If you need a voice talent for your video, we are happy to support you with our network of professional actors.



After shooting, there is one more important step missing to get high-end video content. The transformation of the shot scenes into a finished course. Post-production includes cuts, inserts, overlays, suitable stock footage, etc. Our post-production experts ensure that your content shines in the perfect light.

Editing / Inserts 


Underestimated most of the time, but one of the most important parts of filmmaking is post-production. Our post-producers are real experts at making the shot scenes shine at the right angle. They edit and integrate additional video material, inserts and overlays.

Soundmastering / Music 


When you add audio to your video professionally, it becomes 100% easier for your audience to follow the video and not get distracted. The sound is professionally mastered and the appropriate background music is selected and adapted to the finished video.

Translations / Subtitles /
AI Voiceover 


As we live in an international world, we offer translation, proofreading, subtitling and voiceover for many languages upon request.

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